Porcelain Objects

All porcelain products are food-safe, and oven and dishwasher safe unless otherwise stated in the description. As with all ceramics, extreme and sudden changes in temperature can cause thermal shock and crack or damage products. Felt may be placed between items in storage to prevent minor scratches over time.

All pieces are handmade and need a little TLC when handling. While hand washing will keep items happy, they may also be washed in a dishwasher. Please treat products with care when un/loading the dishwasher, ensuring pieces aren't touching, and edges aren't knocked as they can chip or crack.

Please don't drop me either.

Unframed & Framed Works on Paper

Unframed works on paper should be stored out of direct sunlight, in a dry place to avoid dust accumulating. All collaged works have been created using archival and acid-free materials to ensure longevity.

Framed works on paper have been created using archival materials. To avoid pieces from degrading, they should not be displayed in strong direct sunlight as this can yellow or deteriorate the paper over time - ideally choose a filtered spot. Avoid areas of high humidity to prevent mould growth.